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Comments (19)

Cool, I already posted my review.

Wow. This has been a long time coming. Good luck!

Also, I take it you lost contact with Raynor Foxhound from way back?

Wow, D-Mac, really? O.o I'm quite honored!
About Raynor, you are right... Ever since my come back I've been looking for him everywhere, but any site I go his latest activity was about 2009, unfortunately... He was a right hand to me at the time...

Anyway, do you know him?

Can't say anythin else other than lookin forward to SOnic RPG ep 9! :D

Thanks :D

Any support I can offer (within reason), I hand to you! *Bows*

:D The most important help you can give me right now, as every fan of mine, is help us grow our community in my Website and Forum. Having active users on it is of the most importance to me ;)

NICE!! I like this.

A question. Do you draw the story then "pixelise" or "sprite" the things? Like the others.

No, the draws will stay as they are to give the Anime feeling ;)

Is it only coming march?0_0
Oh well...how long is going to be the episode?

Don't worry, it will worth the wait! The movie will be at least 10min's long!

Sorry if im to much of a blab comenter. But


(what program do you use?)

Everything I do is made in Flash CS6 Professional. I'll try to use some other programs on the future though. Try to search some basic tutorials on the Web and Youtube ;)

Congratulations making it into the front page, you deserved it!

Thanks a lot mate! :) It's thanks to to you all!

Aww. Sadly, the last trace I've seen of Raynor was around 2009 as well. I never talked to him much, but he seemed like a good guy. Wherever he is, I hope he's doing well, at least.

He was an amazing person, and an awesome partner. I'd love to work with him on this new project and it makes me sad the very thought of replacing his voice...
Meanwhile I'll keep trying to reach him, but considering his age, I think he got his life on tracks and left the web for good. Any news let me know, I'll do the same ;)

Do you use a stencil.Because no one could make that with a mouse.The shading`s are awesome though I am still studying to how to give good shades and textures and Flash.do you have any good tutorials on shading and texture that you will recommend.

Oh and finally Eps 9 is coming on march.Can`t wait any longer.

I have a drawing table, which I'm still trying to get used to, but I draw everything with the mouse. How you ask? The hard way! I trace straight lines and bend them one by one to make the lines look perfect!
About the shading, try this tutorial by ChakraX, the Nazo Unleashed author:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F 8336gzlInA&list=UU7Ngpiao3bDmhTBP 9MIe4OQ&index=17&feature=plcp

I like the trailer!

Thank you! ;)

All right! I think that will be a great movie! I see that you've surpassed your limits! I will wait anscious for the conclusion of the Sonic RPG Episode 9! Good to see some activity here! Good luck!

Thank you very much!

Like I said, nice trailer! :D
I think you should have Shadow and Knuckles turn into their Hyper Forms, and Ristar could come back to assist with the fight, and the trailer looks to epic to be RPG, instead of DBZ Styled action.
:) Keep it up

We'll see :P
Thanks a lot! ;)

When people say "what do you think is realy cool n epic" I say Sonic rpg 9 (and 8)! By the way, are there any other hyper forms? It would be (combination of epic cool awesome nice etc) if there was a final battle of sonic n seelkadoom JUST! Cause he was the first one to fight him! 5 stars

Thanks a lot! ^_^ Wait to see

So basically "Seelkadoom" is just a recolor of Shadow. Not very original if you ask me.

Is it? Why of Shadow, because he is black? Last time I checked he had the belly, gloves and shoes like those of Sonic. But you take anyway you like xDD

Thank god my favourite 3 animators are back


Athuria99 is back? O.o

Yes. Only confirmed his next game a while ago but yeah.


great ilike the its just awsome just awsome