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Comments (13)

Wow, that new battle-system surely is breath-taking.

Awesome! Can't wait for both the movie and game to come out!


When will sonic rpg eps 10 will come out ?

Awesome! I watched "Sonic RPG Eps.9: The Movie" a while ago (Loved it btw!), and always wanted to play a Game version of it. After hearing talk -some I believe from yourself aswell- that you might make a Game of it similar to previous Eps. I was thrilled with the prospect! Now that you've actually announced that there will, in-fact, BE a Game version of Eps.9 I am ecstatic! So far the beginning of 2014 is looking pretty damn good!

Anyway, I'm truly looking forward to playing "Sonic RPG EPs.9: The Game". Not to mention I can't wait to see how the Series concludes in "Sonic RPG Eps.10: The Movie" (Which I hope you'll make into a Game one day as well). Both of these have me brimming with anticipation! :D As always...keep up the amazing work MidNightMaren.

P.S. Saw the Trailer and how you plan on having everything setup it really looks like an actual RPG Game. The Strategy portion looks really interesting, and I really like the detailed information on the Characters, along with their Skills/Techniques. Adding that makes it feel even more like an authentic Strategy-RPG Game imo. Now, I've never actually played any of the Games from the "Tales of" series (Though I've heard good things), but I've definitely played a good amount of RPGs; so hopefully I'll be able to adapt to the new Battle-System.

wow nightmaren! I like the new battle system and will you make sonic rpg 10 game after you're done with the movie? and good luck!!

Sweet I think it was great as a movie I CAN'T IMAGINE HOW GOOD OF A GAME IT WILL BE! I know it will rock.

Do you work now on Sonic RPG eps 9 game?

I`M really looking forward to it!!! GOOD LUCK!

Midnightmaren do you take requests ?

Not at the moment

It sounds awesome! Looking forward to it. Do you have info about the game? For example: Characters,Setting, What its about? Thanks :)

You'll see soon. The game will be released this weekend ;)

sorry but what happen to your reacher series there where my favorite, more soo tune sonic r.p.g.
i hare a-lot of completes from flash essence, about reshle frukly i don't rely understand, or people do not manse it at all.

i also like the fact about episode 1-3 are good for sonic r.p.g. now sense sonic r.p.g 5, you made enamels with higher live points, with pointless movements. the game of sonic r.p.g 9 is going to the dicsin crackly i don't like where it's going like windows nt 4 until windows vista, or mac os 9 until 10.9.?, removed order surf of there work.

i done your games seise the way begging, please fprcus more on resher, tune this pointless sonic r.p.g series

secelly from Wright Micah.

I think that this game will be finished Saturday. ;)