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What is percentage on Sonic RPG eps 10?

I was scared because your site died without a goodbye, so yeah ! x)

I can't wait till Sonic RPG eps 10 man to imagen how long ago I first played this game and after waiting for a long time to see episode 9 to come out and now 10 is a work in progress it's so cool and also I like how you added the theme of the fire dragon from Fairy Tail in episode 9 or 8 I don't remember XD

When is out Episode 10?

Well ok btw i can't wait for Sonic RPG eps 10.

Are you still alive?

Looks like Episode 10 got canned ;-;

The fact that episode 10 of sonic rpg might have got canned is not what's sad.It's that they are being so quiet and not giving us a answer if it actually is or not we know it's frustrating to be asked alot and we are being impatient fanboys/girls but come on guys you have all been dead for a year.:/

and sonic rpg 10

Hi MidNightMaren! Don`t worry I`m not here to ask you about Sonic RPG. I`m here to ask about you, Are you ok? I read some of your older posts and I want to say sorry for all the frustration we (impatient fans) are giving to you, but please tell us if you are alive! Did something bad happened to you?(Sorry for my bad English I`m Brazilian)

Where's Episode 10?!! How long does it take you to finish a stupid movie?!! You said Mid 2014, but it is now Early 2017 and no sign of Episode 10! You PROMISED us! If you don't release it before it's 2018 I'll gonna SLICE YOUR ASS!

HAF PATIENCE M8S!!! You're not the only people who have been waiting a long time for the final chapter! I was hoping to see the end before I started high school, but sadly that's not a possibility anymore. Animation takes a long time though so I don't blame him and the others. THESE PEOPLE HAVE LIVES YOU KNOW!

(To our amazing MidNightMaren) Don't listen to the haters, dude. Take all the time you need! I (and probably many other people) will wait for another three years or even wait for thirty years if that's how long it takes to deliver the best. Keep up the good work and stay determined! :D

Yeah he should take all the time he needs to finish the series. But why is he so quiet all of a sudden? Why is the whole team just vanished? They haven't responded to anyone in quite a while. I do hope there alive and well. However i know they have lives and all but they shouldn't just leave us in the dark for nearly 2 years? Surely they would have responded to some of us. I hope they're all ok.

Btw a sonic rpg series went dead for 9 years but it's back now so don't give up faith guys.

Anyway they should probably reply to us before 2018 or adealameen will slice their asses

Could you give us any little information on Episode 10?

when is eps 10 coming out

To be honest, kind of gave up on Sonic RPG Episode 10. Dunno why.

Senpai, please say something to us!

@BendyTheDancingDemon me too

Ok forget about the tenth episode. MidNightMaren can you please give us a sign that you're alive? Hope you're ok man your fans miss you.

@Lexatom Nope.

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