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Nice to see you're still around. I've seen some other creators completely dissappear, without any trace nor sign of them being okay, so it's good to know that you're still here.

Just like everyone else who's commented before, I'm also a fan of your work. I started playing Sonic Rpg back in 2007 and followed it throughout the years. And yes it's... a little bit sad that we didn't get to see how it ends, but I still think that it's way better than not creating anything at all. Im sure you've been the inspiration for many fan projects out there, and I'm also greatful that you created this series. It's been a long ride, and I still have hope that one day we'll get to see how it ends.

And even if you don't finish this series, I'd still like to see you working on other projects, because I think you're very skilled (not only with animation and art, but also with story-telling), and it would be a shame if you don't use those skills in other projects. So please let us know if you start working on something else!

Anyway, I think this comment is pretty long already xD, so I'd like to finish by saying thank you for creating this wonderful series and again, it's good to see that you still haven't forgotten about Sonic Rpg or Newgrounds. Good luck with whatever you're doing, and thank you for everything! (:

@MidNightMaren MidNightMaren - but we should not be happy, the fan-made game was canceled ... and you finally came back after someone wanted to do the "Sonic RPG 10" question - why you did not give a sign of life before, you did not say you were not doing it ? Everyone is alive and will live even as this fan-made has been canceled that even "Sonic RPG 10" will be created at 100%! But it will not happen NEVER? For another person who would take on the task "Sonic RPG 10 Fan-Made" right after that would cancel it .... we have been waiting / waiting for these few nice long years to finally see 100% "sonic RPG 10" or news about him. And I'm disappointed and probably not only me ..... but you understand why. It only confirms that this HISTORY will never be finished ...... sad but true. You were totally addicted to fans who asked "WHERE YOU ARE"

You are literally the reason why I'm studying animation right now.
Thank you.
Also f*ck you, animation is painfully hard when you haven't invested at least a decade into it.
Thanks for the memories and giving some form of closure though!
Idk if this has been haunting u or anything, being silent and all but it has given me some semblance of 'closure' for me(and hopefully other fans) and I hope it does for u too!

Just realized most of the content creators of sonic flash games are from portugal, and i am too, you were all part of my childhood and still to this day i go back to those games to play them, the good old days of the internet...

Hey man! Tortwag here, from Flash-Essence - if you remember the management of that site :3 I used to be an article writer for it, then became involved in the development of episode 9!

Though I didn't have the chance to do much, I have fond memories of my time on the site, so honestly, it's great to hear some news from ya! You doin' okay? If there's any way to contact you, do say so! I'd love for us to chat again; not necessarily to revive Sonic RPG, since as you stated: things have changed. Mostly to just... chat, 'cause it's been a while, and uh, losing both the site and contacts from everyone except Arthuria was a bit sudden.
That being said, I'm also glad that people are deciding to go for it for the final episode! I think it's a great idea to at least bring the story to a close.

I was also quite a fan of your side Ristar/Draglade mixed project, so I'm also a bit sad to see that go, but oh well, life's life, really.