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Great first episode! It's really neat to see a series like this, in which I mean sprites and Sonic related content, being featured in NG. I thought those times were long gone.
Anyway, the animation is simply superb! You make use of sprites like no other I have ever seen, and I really mean it! Of course it does not have battle scenes that everyone loves and brags about, but in this case who cares! I got engaged in the story telling and in the beautiful use of sprites here. As an animator of the sort myself I can assume you expended a good deal of time in this little movie.
One thing off in my opinion though was the voice acting. Sonic's voice was ok. But Robotnik's one was a little off. I mean, we spend a good chunk of the movie listening to him, and sometimes it does not seem like him at all. Also, Tails' VA seemed like trying to be sound like a kid while being a mature man lol
Another thing was the lack of a scene selection. You might want to take that into consideration next time, even if the movie is as short as this.
Overall, keep up the good work! And I'll definitely look forward to you next movie.

Take care!

Accana responds:

I appreciate the comments man! Short movie huh? 8 mins isn't good enough for ya! haha nah just kidding. Don't worry about those battle scenes... They're coming trust me. Story development is not an overly "exciting" thing to animate.

I have received great feedback from my Sonic and Robotnik VA's so you're the first to tell me that the doctors voice didn't suit you but that's alright, I'm not expecting to please everyone. I will tell you though that I'm looking at more suitable voice actors for Act 2 now that Act 1 is getting some attention. More people want to be involved. Thank you again for the comments and come back for the next part!


Nice to see you got Front Paged even though you didn't get any award, you really deserved it.
I can't wait to see what happens next. I've actually been following you since Kaiblade, as I hope you take this series to at least a near end lol.
About the animation, it's nicely done, the story is intriguing and the personalities on the characters are deep. The only thing bugging me (as always coming from you), is how short each episode is, as it drives me crazy!
Looking good so far and your growth on animating is astonishing!
Keep up the good work, hoping to see more soon!

Take care

CartoonCoffee responds:

Wow, thanks for sticking around so long!

It's always shocking to hear someone mention Kaiblade. Eden in some ways in a spiritual successor to Kaiblade, so anyone who knows what that is hopefully might enjoy this series a bit.

Unfortunately I had to drop Kaiblade for a few reasons, and COTR was to practice some new animation styles, as well as to find a new art style. I would still like to give COTR a decent season finale at some point.

Eden is kind of the real deal, I still got a lot of practice to do, but there is no reason for me to not finish this one. I'm aiming to wrap up the series in full by the end of the year, so it might be a bit short. I may extended it if it seems to be an interest to people, but for now that's the plan.

Hahaha I hear that complaint a lot. I'm sorry if my episodes are a bit short, but that's how I keep myself from getting overwhelmed.

I try to improve at least a little bit each animation, I've already begun on episode 3. And I've got a neat bag of tricks I've learned recently to improve the quality, so I can't wait to share that with Newgrounds soon.

Thanks for the comment!

That was really something guys. The SP guys never cease to amaze me.
The animation was really neat! One can actually tell the different animators on each clip from the different art around. The style was kept on this movie from Seaside Denied, however this time is so much more enjoyable to watch as the animation is much smoother and cleaned. It's basically the same but this time with a crazy level up on the animation. I personally loved Team Sonic, the animation level is just crazily good.

I'm a little reticent about the music and lyrics though. Maybe because the Seaside theme is lot more to my liking (those guitar riffs and solo work are just amazing) or maybe I thought the lyrics were not as funny this time. Regardless it's still enjoyable to watch.

It's always amazing to watch how you guys can make a collaborative work this good, with so many people working together in harmony to bring here work of this quality. It's just amazing and you guys do it like no other! Just keep up the good work guys.

Take care

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You never cease to surprise me people! Nicely done, really!

Funny because I have just made an article on my Website talking about Trigger Knight to my community, a few days ago, and midway I said how much I was expecting the full game from you guys. And today I found this on your account not even knowing it was submitted yesterday xD

Anyway, about the game, I probably shouldn't give away a 4.5 stars like this because this is not even Beta, and the Battle system itself has some flaws and is no near completion (or at least I hope so).
The graphics are amusing for an original, the Sprites are awesomely well made, the monsters are nice and the environment, well it could have a little animation on it like but it's nice enough for me.

The music... Well the music as in Trigger Knight is stunning! It fits perfectly for the ambient and a RPG battle. Props to AtelierLucid for it, congratulations on the work well done!

Overall, the battle system is amusingly well coded as expected from you! I was actually thinking of a battle system similar on a future project I was planning after my pending projects are completed.
But after all these years making RPG's in Flash, I still have yet to try if I know how to make one with ATB kind of system!

Anyway, good work and I seriously hope to see a full-scale game from you within next year or something. From time to time I check you Site for news, but no luck I guess...

Keep up the good work, as a lover and creator of RPG's myself!


A master piece of a Flash!

Well, to be honest, I never had really a relation with the Megaman games/saga, so will rate the Storyline for what I have seen in this game :P Now that I'm on it, the story has a very good concept and the text is pretty much well made. You must have had a really hard time with the whole script of the game.
The game has an extremely well done coding, I can tell you are a ActionScript master, or very close to it. The battles, the menus and the stats increase concept were clearly well coded!
The whole RPG is flawless and there are very few here on NG that can rival it.
The animation is pretty cool, and adding your own style to the sprites used was a clever idea! Maybe because of my computer or because of the sliding backgounds, the animation seemed a little slow at some points, but that didn't screwed and made it quite playable even so.
The music and sound effects were choosen wiselly, and were very enjoyable to hear. It gave the felling of Megaman and RPG mixed.

While playing this it was leaving me a little unhappy. To think I was improving my skills at ActionScript, after seeing this I was like "WTF?" XD
This flash smashes the RPG's of my own to the ground, and you really diserved the award and front page!
A master piece of a Flash that shows your efforts to make a real game in flash, and you actually did so! Congrats!
Just keep the good work and give us the next chapter even more stunnin :)


ChamberACR responds:

Wow, thank you very much. I'm flattered and slightly taken aback. I admit that I think there are better Flash games on Newgrounds - some of them are just amazing, but its nice to hear something like that. It really validates the past six months of my otherwise uneventful life. So thank you very much =D

A great Flash indeed

Well, thats a great Flash game. The RPG part specially caught my atention of course, even if is nothing new for me (I make RPG games myself).
The exploration part could be a little improved, espicially because the hero is real slow when is walking, and a "press Space bar to talk, or examine" would be a good option too insted of just touching. I really had a hard time getting ride of that damn computer, it just didnt stop showing the message. Anyway, thats up to you!
The sound effects were really well used as well as the music.
I loved the effects too! That "magic Charge" was really well done!
Something good in this game were the cutscenes following the game part! That was a great idea!
Well, ok lets stop from here. You guys have here a really great job so keep it up! You are just in the begginning so you have lots to do and lots you can improve!
Take Care


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Omg, now this is stunning!

A big while back I was checking NG to find music of Ristar to use in my Flash series, and I didn't quite find any of much use. I checked arround the net to find a good "Crazy Kings" theme.
And now for a chance I check NG again and try to find some new Ristar music (without high hopes) and I find THIS!
This is trully a masterpiece of a Remix :D This was what I was looking back then, really!
Great music here dude! I'm thinking of using it on a battle theme next time, thats if you don't mind of course :) Downloading...
Keep up the good work!


thundertimi responds:


Use it as you like :)

Pretty good! ^^

Really, I actually enjoyed it a lot! I have played Sonic Heroes a long time now, but this song really brings back some memories! Its very enjoyable and catchy!
With this I'll check the other songs you've made so far :D
Maybe I can use this on some of my future Flash's.
Keep it up!


VGSongbird responds:

Oh gosh. Thanks so much for the support!
I hope I live up to your standards! ;)

Ohh, what a nice piece here :)

I don't play the game for quite some years now, but I do remember the drastic change in the difficulty in it near the end :@ It was almost stupid how you go through the game normally and then enccounter Kuja!
But, oh well, back to the topic! :P The music is quite amazing! I really loved it!
I personally enjoyed the change in the 1.35min, it was very awesome!
If you have submited this sooner I might have used it in my movie isntead of the original XD
Great work, keep it up!


fishfood2021 responds:

Maybe you could go back and put it in there :D. That would be pretty sweet! Thanks for the review :)

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