Episode 10 Completed!

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Man, I think I'm gonna cry. Almost, at least. Thank you for giving me such a special series. All though it's not perfect, it showed such unique gameplay in the form of RPGs. I never was on board with RPGs, but yours and BDX's FFSX showed me the way of Turn based RPGs. If I never played Sonic RPG, FFSX, or hell, not being a Sonic Fan period, I would've never touched the RPG genre. I have a love for Final Fantasy, which some of those games made me cry. I am utterly happy with this finale, and I am glad it got the ending it o so deserved. Take care of yourself Vitor, or MidnightMaren. This is Jesús Adorno of Puerto Rico. Thank you.

It's crazy how this was so influential at so many levels. I'm really grateful too!
Thank you so much!

thanks midnightmaren and your team for making this sonic rpg 10 series come toan end. I was very happy for this series

Thank you very much! Hope it was the ending you were expecting.

This series was my childhood, man! Really happy to see that it reached a proper conclusion.

Thank you! ^_^

It was absolutely worth it! I was waiting for the conclusion ever since episode 8 and it definitely did not disappoint! The battles in this episode are the best ones in the entire series and the ending was touching. Trully a great finale for a Sonic Newgrounds classic. Thank you to everyone who was involved in bringing us this great game!

More than a decade since Episode 8! Seems crazy when I think about it! Time went so fast!
Thank you!!

Man, I can't believe it. 15 years... I remember when I found this and it was like the greatest thing ever!
Thank you so much for continuing it all this time <3

Got a lot of help this time around! But I'm glad we reached this far.
Thank you!

I liked Episode 10!
Which is next new project?

I don't have nothing in mind now. I just want to rest for now lol

Thank you so much and much respect to you all for still making this after 15 years... So satisfying to see the end product after waiting for so long, many devs wouldn't have bothered to finish this for people. Even before I saw the screenshots of the past games on the credits I could still see how the gameplay and visuals have improved so much! So happy and grateful we got to see how it ended. All you guys deserve all the credit from the beginning to end for this work after all these years.

Thank you so much. Take care and blessings to you all in your future work!

Ya, things got a lot better looking over the years :D

@JesusTheDio101 @MidNightMaren BRO, thanks for replying to me. I loved Final Fantasy and adored Chrono Trigger thanks to you. I am truly grateful for this series, and I can confirm that its the best Sonic Flash game ever. I adored it. I noticed how you also put Man with The Machine Gun and a few tracks from FFVIII in Ep 5-6 and Dark Messenger from FFIX in Ep 7. I loved those choices. I wish you a great life, man. P.S. FFIX is the best and Garnet's best girl.

Ya, I have a special connection with FFVIII! It really left a mark on my childhood lol and that sound track! It resonates with me still! FFIX is the best yes, the world building and fantasy on that game is something that's not done anymore.

I'm glad I shared this love with you and others!

Sort of late to the party, no really late haha. Damn...15 years huh? I could go on and on about how much your series means to us, however you've probably heard it already.

There is one thing I must say though. Thank you, from the sprite artists to the animators, and everyone else who worked on the series. All the way up to you MidNightMaren. You've all made the series in to a memorable childhood memory that many players like myself will remember for the rest of our lives. Bless you all.

Now if you'll all excuse me I'm gonna go play your game to death. I'm addicted to the combat already!

Thank you for playing and sticking to this for all this years too!
The battle system is pretty re-playable right? :D I wish I could play it fresh as you are doing, I'm just kinda noxious from all the testing lool

Wow, I've been playing this for 10 years, and seeing this ending made me very emotional, this marked my childhood, I played the first sonic RPG since I was 5 years old, thank you very much for having done something so special for me :'D
Thanks to wanting to understand the history of this game it was that I began to study English, greetings, you have a well deserved rest for having marked the childhood of so many, even of people of other languages :')

I'm glad this pushed you to learn English! I also kept learning while doing this, my English back then was terrible xD Thank you!

So .... The game is fucking, I'm serious! I just sat there and enjoyed the quality, nostalgia for the old days and a slight sadness that I went through all this. This work deserves to be noticed! But just one question please answer me, where can I listen to the music from the game separately? I want to listen to the main menu after the game, but this video is simply not on YouTube!

It's sad but I'm happy it came to a conclusion!
The music used are on the Credits for the game. But the song on the second Title Screen is:
Fire Emblem Three Houses OST - The Apex of the World (Rain)

I hope that you will not leave the post of games even after the end of the franchise! After all, after that you just don't want to take it and cut off everything! You have done a masterful job, and I am very proud of you. Thank you for introducing me to Flash games about Sonic 15 years ago ... Thank you for introducing me to Flash games!

I'm not as young now you know. And life is just kicking me in the nuts at this point! Doing things as an hobby at my age is not viable. So, let's see...

Thank you so much for creating these games, they shaped my childwood!!! Love from Porto, Portugal. OBRIGADO!!!!

Haha, dificil ver um português por estas bandas hoje em dia! Obrigado ;)

Thank you so much for finishing it! I really enjoyed playing the series for 10+ years. Do you have any other projects planned? I would LOVE to see more content from you.

Not at all. I don't got the time for it anymore. I lost my artist flame a few years back... This was a good callback, but I guess this is it. But who knows! ;)

@MidNightMaren Ah yes. I do remember you saying that you are tired from that post from 2019. I will still follow you as you did make my childhood from all the way back from about 2009. I remember playing Sonic RPG Episode 7 when I was (coincidentally) 7 years old. I do hope you the best in your path as I am now trying to find my own now as well.

Yes, the late 20's are a bitch to go by without feeling a bit depressed. People's interests shift all the time, as the drive to be creative as a hobby artist.

Best of luck! May you have success in life as well!

Even if it's a little sad, I'm glad it's finally over. Thank you for making my childhood better. Sonic RPG is one of the reasons I wanted to learn english lol. I'd like to see you sticking around, maybe just talking about random things here and there, but I know how life can be a pain. Even more when you reach your 30's. So at the very least have a happy, safe and sound life. You definitively deserve it dude. And one more time, thank you.

It's sad, but refreshing! At least for me, who was able to see it finished after so many years, and after so many hurdles! I'll try to drop by from time to time, but I don't think I have anything interesting to say no more xD haha

Thank you too!

midnightmaren in the future, you intend to release a great and epic sonic rpg series movie

No. No more movies or games about Sonic RPG. This is the best I can do:


It's here! Time for a marathon, baby!

Go! ;]

@MidNightMaren The late 20's? Oh man, I'm only 18 and I've been depressed for far longer. The times seem to be getting slower and longer as well even with trying new things. It's probably just the high expectations we have on ourselves with the additional parental, economic and societal pressure just to name a few. At least you got some skills to fall back on with the experience to back it up. Personally, I am taking some theatre classes, english, history, and majoring in addiction studies. It's even more depressing when you don't know what direction to take and the lowered probability of getting a job due to inexperience in your 20's (usually) and people not liking to hire older people...

I don't got any skills you may think I have. I often say this; I'm good at many things, but I excel at nothing! And there lies the biggest problem in my life.

Depression is a nasty beast. I myself coped with it many times in many forms. On my mid/late 20's was when I started looking back and regretting decisions I made. Mainly what I studied, where my life was headed, etc.
But you are still very young! You got everything ahead of you still! And it seems to me you are doing just fine and keeping your time and mind filled. So that's good.

I got a single advise to give; always study and work towards the things that bring you the most joy and happiness in life, regardless of what you are told and peer pressure.
I still regret to this very day not studying animation and web design and not following that route in life, which was clearly what I loved to do as a young man.

Heads up and spirit high! You'll do just fine! ;)

It's been so long, I never thought it would happen but after all of this you deserve to rest lol. The game looks amazing and the ending is perfect. It puts a smile on my face.