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Omg, now this is stunning!

A big while back I was checking NG to find music of Ristar to use in my Flash series, and I didn't quite find any of much use. I checked arround the net to find a good "Crazy Kings" theme.
And now for a chance I check NG again and try to find some new Ristar music (without high hopes) and I find THIS!
This is trully a masterpiece of a Remix :D This was what I was looking back then, really!
Great music here dude! I'm thinking of using it on a battle theme next time, thats if you don't mind of course :) Downloading...
Keep up the good work!


thundertimi responds:


Use it as you like :)

Pretty good! ^^

Really, I actually enjoyed it a lot! I have played Sonic Heroes a long time now, but this song really brings back some memories! Its very enjoyable and catchy!
With this I'll check the other songs you've made so far :D
Maybe I can use this on some of my future Flash's.
Keep it up!


VGSongbird responds:

Oh gosh. Thanks so much for the support!
I hope I live up to your standards! ;)

Ohh, what a nice piece here :)

I don't play the game for quite some years now, but I do remember the drastic change in the difficulty in it near the end :@ It was almost stupid how you go through the game normally and then enccounter Kuja!
But, oh well, back to the topic! :P The music is quite amazing! I really loved it!
I personally enjoyed the change in the 1.35min, it was very awesome!
If you have submited this sooner I might have used it in my movie isntead of the original XD
Great work, keep it up!


fishfood2021 responds:

Maybe you could go back and put it in there :D. That would be pretty sweet! Thanks for the review :)

Great Song!

Its useless to try speak with most of the people here, they just don't read, or don't "want" to read the description. Its pitiful to see such lack of commun sence of music, and saying there is no Metal in this. But even more pitiful is judging a music, for it's title!
You have quite a master piece here! The music is just great! The backing track work is pretty much well done, and the guitar comes with such a smooth way, that gives a soul to the whole music!
Talking about the Metal part, well just loved the kindda old school metal, cos there are not much bands making that kind of metal nowadays, and thats a shame! My hears are just tired of the crappy Death Metal played nowadays (not that I don't like Death Metal thought)
Anyway, good work! Hope to see more from you, you just have a lot of talent. Don't let those people push you down! lol

sorohanro responds:

It's quite a common thing, people who have here, on NG, some artworks (music or flash) give positive reviews and people who can't do anything criticize and give very bad reviews. I think most of them judge actually themselves more than my track :))

Anyway, back to the topic, thanx for the review and support.
I like Nu-Metal but I have a weakness for old bands and old styles. I still listen to old albums of Megadeth and Testament (I know, my track is much much light).

As for them pushing me down ... they pushed the score down to the ground but at the same time in just two days the track was fav'ed by 9 people and my fan base grown wit 11 people ... not bad.
Thanx again for the nice words.

Actually good

Thats a good one! Just repetitive in some parts, but thats how the original music is :P
You actually could give a try to the Ristar Lvl 1!

So damn good!

Man, your songs impress me a lot! You are really good with remakes!
This make me remind of Golden axe, but at the same time it sounds so original! You should do more and more! I never get tired of hearing your work!
Just do more of this, its very enjoyable to hear, really!

Keep the good work!


GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this song is amazing man!!! great work here...The guitar and Bass are perfect man!!!
REALLY GREAT JOB!!! \m/keep on work dude\m/
make more of this

just perfect!!!!

i dont know what to say... THIS SHIT IS PERFECT!!! dude this song is amazing, perfect.....
Keep up the good work!!!


very good this song!!! you really rock!!!
you could do a metal version of the music:
"dooms day" of sonic 3 and knux....
GOOD WORK!!!and kep up the good work

awesome song DUDE!!!!

look you are really the best, man!!! I just want to ask you one think...PLZ!!! make a version like this one of the song: FFVIII "Only a Plank Between One and Perdition" this song is that song when you fight "Ultima Weapon"
plz do that, and if you do that plz email me, really i need that song :p, and you are the perfect guy to do this work, plz read this review, and make this song for me plz...
email me plz!!!! my email is:


plz I beg you!!!
tnks and keep it UP!!!!!!

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