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Great first episode! It's really neat to see a series like this, in which I mean sprites and Sonic related content, being featured in NG. I thought those times were long gone.
Anyway, the animation is simply superb! You make use of sprites like no other I have ever seen, and I really mean it! Of course it does not have battle scenes that everyone loves and brags about, but in this case who cares! I got engaged in the story telling and in the beautiful use of sprites here. As an animator of the sort myself I can assume you expended a good deal of time in this little movie.
One thing off in my opinion though was the voice acting. Sonic's voice was ok. But Robotnik's one was a little off. I mean, we spend a good chunk of the movie listening to him, and sometimes it does not seem like him at all. Also, Tails' VA seemed like trying to be sound like a kid while being a mature man lol
Another thing was the lack of a scene selection. You might want to take that into consideration next time, even if the movie is as short as this.
Overall, keep up the good work! And I'll definitely look forward to you next movie.

Take care!

Accana responds:

I appreciate the comments man! Short movie huh? 8 mins isn't good enough for ya! haha nah just kidding. Don't worry about those battle scenes... They're coming trust me. Story development is not an overly "exciting" thing to animate.

I have received great feedback from my Sonic and Robotnik VA's so you're the first to tell me that the doctors voice didn't suit you but that's alright, I'm not expecting to please everyone. I will tell you though that I'm looking at more suitable voice actors for Act 2 now that Act 1 is getting some attention. More people want to be involved. Thank you again for the comments and come back for the next part!


Nice to see you got Front Paged even though you didn't get any award, you really deserved it.
I can't wait to see what happens next. I've actually been following you since Kaiblade, as I hope you take this series to at least a near end lol.
About the animation, it's nicely done, the story is intriguing and the personalities on the characters are deep. The only thing bugging me (as always coming from you), is how short each episode is, as it drives me crazy!
Looking good so far and your growth on animating is astonishing!
Keep up the good work, hoping to see more soon!

Take care

CartoonCoffee responds:

Wow, thanks for sticking around so long!

It's always shocking to hear someone mention Kaiblade. Eden in some ways in a spiritual successor to Kaiblade, so anyone who knows what that is hopefully might enjoy this series a bit.

Unfortunately I had to drop Kaiblade for a few reasons, and COTR was to practice some new animation styles, as well as to find a new art style. I would still like to give COTR a decent season finale at some point.

Eden is kind of the real deal, I still got a lot of practice to do, but there is no reason for me to not finish this one. I'm aiming to wrap up the series in full by the end of the year, so it might be a bit short. I may extended it if it seems to be an interest to people, but for now that's the plan.

Hahaha I hear that complaint a lot. I'm sorry if my episodes are a bit short, but that's how I keep myself from getting overwhelmed.

I try to improve at least a little bit each animation, I've already begun on episode 3. And I've got a neat bag of tricks I've learned recently to improve the quality, so I can't wait to share that with Newgrounds soon.

Thanks for the comment!

That was really something guys. The SP guys never cease to amaze me.
The animation was really neat! One can actually tell the different animators on each clip from the different art around. The style was kept on this movie from Seaside Denied, however this time is so much more enjoyable to watch as the animation is much smoother and cleaned. It's basically the same but this time with a crazy level up on the animation. I personally loved Team Sonic, the animation level is just crazily good.

I'm a little reticent about the music and lyrics though. Maybe because the Seaside theme is lot more to my liking (those guitar riffs and solo work are just amazing) or maybe I thought the lyrics were not as funny this time. Regardless it's still enjoyable to watch.

It's always amazing to watch how you guys can make a collaborative work this good, with so many people working together in harmony to bring here work of this quality. It's just amazing and you guys do it like no other! Just keep up the good work guys.

Take care

You should have picked the Daily for the simple fact that this gave me the awesome feeling of nostalgia in a while! ;) Yes, the animations were sloppy at some points, and the movie is extremely short. But that music just owned my money on this one ;)

A single note though; before the death you should have made him jump 10 feet away with the impact from the hit, because THAT was the annoying part of the game, and the must frustrating :D
Apart from that, poor Joe lol

Keep it up!

Careful what you are doing here mate... I'm pleasured to see Seelkadoom in here and such BUT I never, and ever would give permission to use him in any other animated series before I finish my own.
I don't know if its him or not, and frankly I don't have any copyrighted content to sue you or anything LOL!
But the fact is that any decent person would ask for permission to use a fan-character created to the author. I don't know if its Seelkadoom, but it looks like him in every aspect...

The same goes for Aeon. BlackDevilX won't be happy to see this, if you don't have his permission, you know...
I feel flattered that my fan-made character is around the Web gathering fans, but I would never want him used by any other animator. Keep that in mind before proceeding with you work.

About the movie is like teejay said, for an intro the movie is away too long and boring, the same error I made a few years ago. The animation seems a little off sometimes, but for a first year animator you are doing pretty well!

Take care and good luck!

Alvc57 responds:

Thanks MidNight, yes I used Seelkadoom for the movie I dont found another sprite sheet of another unofficial character I only found Seelkadoom and Aeon. But I have some things to change in movie series, maybe I can replace both Seelkadoom and Aeon with some others characters from mine or from a user that let me use it. Excuse me, because in my last response I did not explain me correctly, I analize it and I noticed all mistake I do. I will make my best for undo that.
And Thanks for your review it makes me feel better. And I need to congratulate you for your movies. I am waiting for next episode of Sonic RPG
Thank you, Good Luck!

This really was something, but...

Well, first of all, congrats. And here I thought this was never coming out, until I found out about your Blog, that I've been checking for the last few years.
About the movie, I most say I was much more impressed with the Trailer back then, 4 years ago.
When I heard that you were working on the Act 1, to keep up the "art pace" of the other 2 acts, I really didnt expect this much of a difference :x In Act 1 the backgrounds and effects are poorly drawn and some lines of the draws of Sonic and Shadow are not that "smooth" so to speak...
The movie changes a lot in the following Acts, the glow effetcs are much better and the smoke ones really are pro-like. The bridge scene is a little out of place though, when Shadow gets punched against a building and after that Sonic gets blasted to the bridge again, i was like "WTF" O.o...
The Space scene was pretty overall the awesomeness of the movie, with some eye-blowing effects XD But what the hell Knuckles did to save Sonic from that missle?? I saw that scene and I though "Wha..? Full Metal Alchemist? O.o"
Other than that the Act was pretty awesome and the water effects from Chaos were really stunning :)

About the lack of sound effects and the choice for music, well... I really am not a fan of music videos, but it was ok. The musics could be a little more Sonic-like and such, but were pretty good anyways!

Overall the movie is pretty good indeed and you diserve a place in the animators Hall of fame, for one of the better animations ever to come to Newgrounds and any flash animators. For all the effort you put on this and all the hours you spent to bring us this master piece, I wish you the best of luck with this, and with your future life as animator.
Take care


Actually pretty good!

This animation was actually pretty good, and shows a lot of potencial!
This episode presents only 3 characters, but I can see from the intro a good whole cast of characters. The plot don't tell us a lot, but i'm sure it will in the future!
Something stunning is the voice acting, which inpressed me a lot! You have quite some good conects I see :D The voice actors really gave the characters a good personality, congrats!
Theres something bugging me actually. One thing is that you could have added a little of glow effect to make the animation a little bit more of Anime-ish. Like in the skin, cloth and backgrounds. But either way, the animation is good!
Other thing is the sound effects. You can actually find much better sound effects out there, trust me. Yours didn't make much of a exciting battle, it almost seems that you are using any.
But anyway, this critics are only to help you improve in the future, don't you think them as complains ^_^
Anyway, just keep improving and try to make the animations a bit longer, and it should be a peice of art!
Take Care!


CartoonCoffee responds:

Thank you so much for the review. The deal with the sound effects is i was trying to stay away from copy written sounds such as DBZ sound pack or Naruto sound packs. Which did made it a little difficult. But i'll keep searching for better sounds. And the battles will get better i guarantee it.

Just loved it!

Well, even seeing some of the clips before your submition, I loved the rest of it! Some of the clips were really hilarious! The beep beep idea was a great one! I cant stop seeing it!
The Family Guy fart contest was hilarious as well, haha!
You have an excelent voice actor there! Congrats man!
Over 9000 huh? Well, that I can see, 10min's of crazy clips!
I just hope you get good with this one, 'cause its a great work from you buddy!
Just dont lemme down, and dont be out of animation a long time ;)
Take care!


RicStrife responds:

Thanks buddy, also, your logo owns, like a jar of dirt :P

I just hope you make an Anime Series someday

I just hope you make an Anime series someday, because your skills to animate are trully amazing! You really can push flash to its max! The whole animation is awesome, and greatly drawn!
I hope you stop doing this little animations, and start doing an anime series, with a storyline and such.
I'm waiting for more from you! Keep up that great work!


Actually, it was real nice!

Really, I liked it a lot! I see potencial in you man.
Well, the quality wasnt on its best I know, but its something that can be fixed. The battle sequences were very good, but the characters werent intruduced, so we just jump from a talk to a battle scene. That really have to be fixed, as well as the storyline that wasnt very atractive.
The effects were cool, the music and sound effects were good too!
Hope to see more, and new improvemnts from you! Good job!


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