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I wish to see the last Episode of Sonic RPG finished.

Which is your project to work right now?

I'm not working on anything relevant atm.

Dude, you have no idea how happy I am to see you back. And I'm sure tons of others are happy too. I thought you were gone for good, we all did. But it looks like it's still possible for people to come back from the dead.

Although, people would still like it if you continued with your own version of Episode 10. Take Super Mario Bros. Z, for example. That series had a massive legacy inside the Sonic community, and inspired several spin-offs and fanmade continuations. Yet the original creator of SMBZ still decided to work on a reboot. Sure only the first episode came out a few years ago, but the guy's still active on social media.

Besides that, I have to say, I loved your work, your series and especially Seelkadoom. That guy got to me, like seriously.

And I might as well show you these. This is a battle between Seelkadoom and another fan-favourite, Nazo. The same person who animated the battle is also one of the two people working on the fanmade Episode 10, so there's that.


And there's also something else of mine I'm working on. It's only a rap battle, and it's not fully complete, but it's something, I guess.


So that's all I gotta say. Nice to have you back, man.

I'm glad that people are still around for this. Seeing reaction from you after all these years and disappointments from my part, is amazing!

Hello MIdNightMaren, I'm Kroy Productions, The host of the Fanmade Sonic RPG 10, I'm glad you are back and happy that you gave me and Alex a shoutout, if you really feel about joining us for this project, you are more than welcome, You can find my discord name on the "About" Tab on my youtube channel, please tell me your reply

You guys are doing a great job! I'm impressed how far you've come! I'll PM

Yo I cant believe you saw our project yo thats amazing. Yo I would love to get some feedback about it and any ideas you have that would be amazing!

Same goes for you! ;)

@Ctronic13 @MidNightMaren I'm really happy to hear that, good to have you back!

@adealameen @MidNightMaren Everyone makes mistakes. For example, BlackDevilX (the creator of Final Fantasy Sonic X) was also gone for years but he still came back and confirmed that he's working on Episode 7. It just goes to show that you gotta have some patience on your favorite series.

Also, did you check out the links I gave you?

Yes, I heard as much about BlackDevilX.
I did, about the animation I did see it at the same time of the link I gave on my post.
The Rap is super amazing. I specially loved Seelkadoom's part!

Also, what ever happened to the movie version of Episode 9? It's nowhere to be seen on Newgrounds.

Seems like NG blocked it for Sound Copyright. I was about to change it with other music to bypass that; never did it tho. I suppose I could now.

Well, better late than never.
Good to know that you're here again.

man it is so cool to see you posting again

Hello there! Glad to see that you haven't completely abandoned us.

I just wanted to say, thank you for all the great memories your work brought us and, no matter how sad it may be, it's totally cool with everyone that you're not completing the project. I imagine it was very time consuming and after all it was all only a fanmade thing, but it showed your progression and improvement through the years as an artist and game designer.

And it's also great to hear that you support the alternative Sonic RPG eps 10 that's in the works by Kroy Studios and Alex. Fingers crossed that you're gonna have a tiny bit of imput regarding story and whatnot, it would make a great finale to your legacy, and the designers of the Flash game would probably be glad to work with you.

Anyway, I hope you're doing great in life with whatever it is you're doing. The fact that I haven't logged in to Newgrounds in years and I hardly ever wrote to any content creators shows how much this series was huge for me, and to a great ammount of other people as well. Yup, Newgrounds sure changed, a bunch of fans of your series eventualy stopped coming here (me included), hence the low number of replies here, but I assure you, there's A LOT more interest to a Sonic RPG 10 game than this came from.

To wrap it all up, I guess all I just wanted to say was: Thank you and best of luck in life!

Hey there!
It's always nice to hear such kind words!
Much as changed since those days; I cherish those moments of my life dearly. So much fun! The indie game developers and animators at the time were burning up! :D Newgrounds was the home of us all!

Thanks a lot! Best of luck in life for you as well ;)

@adealameen @MidNightMaren Speaking of Episode 9, guess what just turned 5 years old today?

Hello MidNightMaren I saw your ep 09 when I was only 08 years old and I found an incredible animation although I have some animated images of sonic x but I did not expect this news unfortunately the official ep 10 of my favorite series was canceled had a lot of good in But we have to accept this.


Sonic RPG 10 Ping is Good The End Game News Good the time I wanna be like Coming Soon...? :(

MidNightMaren! Dude! I'm so happy you're alive. At first i hated your guts because you vanished without a trace and didn't give us an update on sonic Rpg. Or even your well being. But as time went on me and others became worried something had happened to you.

Yeah I'm a slight bit upset now we might not be getting a episode 10 from you. But im just glad to hear you're doing ok.

You were both slient for quite a while. Felt like forever. But Its good knowing both you and BDX are doing well. You legends you. Also thanks for the childhood memories:)

Awesome seeing you after such a long time! Sonic RPG along with FFSX are my most favorite Newgrounds titles from my childhood, and it makes me happy to see that you both (you and BDX) are still doing good. By the way no big deal from Ep10, life is complicated and nothing stays the same forever. It just goes on. The main thing is that you are doing good :3
Hope this message gave any sense (pardon my english xd) and i wish you good luck on the other stuff you are working on. If its life stuff or something else <3

I don't care about game anymore, I mean It would be great if you could finish it, but that's not the point. Sonic Rpg changed me about how I am seeing Sonic as character and of course Seelkadoom. I am glad that you are alive man, I am happy to see that you posted something on NG
Much Love ❤️

Hi MidNightMaren,

I have played your games for the first time when I was something like 7 or 8 years old, and I totally loved it. I was a fan of Sonic back in my childhood, and you having created a fusion character of Sonic and Shadow literally made me go nuts. Seelkadoom is by far one of the most fascinating, well-written fan made character in the Sonic fan franchise. You can be proud about that achievement, it's amazing and it honestly surprises me that SEGA hasn't reached out to you or to ChakraX, because obviously the Sonic fanbase was extremely pleased with your works.

At this point, now that I'm 18 years old and have seen a lot of other stuff, I can say that I don't really care about a continuation of Sonic RPG. If ep 10 comes out, either released by you or a fan, great. If it doesn't, great. I've grown out of my massive Sonic fan phase. But you know, I'd appreciate an ending to the story, since it would be somewhat of a closure to my past passion for Sonic.

Thank you for having inspired me, and for having made my childhood better than it already was. Seelkadoom will always be my favorite Hedgehog, screw you Nazo. You're cool but Seelkadoom is 50% Shadow so you lose.

Yours sincerely,

A stranger on the net

Estas pensando ter quantos episódios? Eu amaria ver o Silver no seu jogo ja pensou em remasterizar todos seus capitulos em 1 so jogo? todos os capitulos juntos? era muito bem da hora e pelo amor de deus traz de volta o Reala <3 adoro seu jogo

First... I'm so glad that the Sonic RPG Ep. 10 Demo has caught your attention and you actually wrote a comment on here to show us that you're still alive and well! <3
If you'll ever think about releasing ep. 10 one day ( or maybe... just maybe, you could cooperate with the 2 lovely people that have made the ep. 10 demo; or maybe even with Arthuria99.... or BlackDevilX :D ) , could you please make it classic Sonic RPG style? Like ep. 8 for example; ep. 9 [game version] was indeed... a new thing, buuut... i don't know, it feels kinda chaotic and... kinda annoying and... not that satisfying, I mean, I do appreciate the work put into it, but ep. 8 was your most advanced RPG style gameplay, it had pretty good and cool animations, sound effects etc , and you added quite some abilities / animations on there, in comparison to previous games. I mean... yeah, sure, you just click on an ability, it plays an animation, and that's all, but as I said... ep. 8 was your best work, and if you could improve upon that even more, if possible, well then,,, that would be amazing for ep. 10 :D
Maybe add 2-3 fights instead of just one, or.... make it more complex, harder to win, the game should "force" you to use your abilities wisely if you want to win,,, emm,,, also, the use of keys combination if you want to deal maximum damage with your overlimit attack concept could also be built upon,,, maybe, it's a cool idea i guess.
EITHER WAY, your fanbase is not 100% dead, people still enjoy and may check your games from time to time; we're very much glad you're back, and obviously we'd like to see an ep. 10 being released and finally end this series someday, buuuut, that's up to you if you feel like you have the time, patience etc to do that.
BTW, what happened with Arthuria99? No chance of seeing a Wave Warrior Sonic EXE ep 3 someday? :\ I'm only asking this because I think you cooperated with him on the Wave Warrior series, if I remember correctly, and thought maybe you'd know something... :D

btw again... if Adobe Flash will get discontinued in 2020... are there alternatives to this?
or because of this problem, it will be much harder for an ep. 10 to ever come out? o.o :\

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