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MamboDuoJambo - Youtube channel

2015-07-30 14:04:53 by MidNightMaren

I'm promoting a Youtube channel from some friends which I made a logo for, that can be seen here on NG:

MamboDuoJambo Logo - Bass Puck

The channel has some movies about the game Dota 2, so if you like random stuff, epileptic comedy, absolutely nonsence, and bass droping to break windows, with Dota 2 clips has the core, this is the channel for you. Also if you could share and/or subscribe, we would be much appreciated.

Check it out:

MamboDuoJambo Youtube Channel

On another news... all projects are still ongoing.


That right, Sonic RPG episode 9 - Game is finally out. As told before we tryied out this new battle system. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do actually!

Have fun and get all the Medals! Don't forget to vote!


Watch at:


New Year’s Post – Youtube Trailer & News

2014-01-03 09:14:11 by MidNightMaren

UPDATE 03/19:

The game might get released THIS WEEKEND, if we manage to polish it good enough till then! Look foward to it!


Didn’t have time to do much this past few months, but lately I managed to get a OLD file back on track, with a project game I made 2 summers ago! After implementing it on some known characters, I managed to make a Beta(beta-beta for now, like ver.0.0.2) version of Sonic RPG Episode 9 Game.

Yes, you heard right! After so much demand I gave it a try in a new Sonic RPG game based on the movie! Also, the battle system was made anew! Based on the “Tales of” series I’ve played across the years, I’m trying to make a real-time battle system (much like Tales of Eternia). Don’t know if I’ll be successful but, fingers crossed!

For your delight, here is a Trailer and some footage of the phase1 beta testing, and a happy New Year to everyone.


Sonic RPG Episode 10 (Intro) - OUT!

2013-08-05 14:20:41 by MidNightMaren

Watch, enjoy and vote:


Sonic RPG Episode 10 (Intro) - OUT!

Hey there!

Semester has ended a couple weeks ago, and I've officially entered Pseudo-Vacations. I've been continuing the making of Episode 10, but things are going a little slow as always.
So, to ease your wait, we've decided to release the Intro of Episode 10 sooner instead of putting it directly on Episode 10 itself.

So, we will be releasing the INTRO of Episode 10 as soon as we get 200 likes on Flash-Essence Facebook Page:


So, help us spread the word!

Take Care!

Sonic RPG Episode 10 (Intro)

Sonic RPG Episode 9 Released

2013-04-06 14:21:18 by MidNightMaren

Thats right! Sonic RPG Episode 9 is out, go check it out:


Youtube Version (HD Available): Sonic RPG Episode 9 - Movie OFFICIAL HD


Sonic RPG Episode 9 Released

Hey there everyone! MidNightMaren here once again with a new update on Sonic RPG Episode 9.

As you noticed, things around here have been a little slow. Updates have not been coming so often, and our staff have been really busy lately. Even so, since holidays started last week, I've been working my ass off on the movie, as I have to catch up to the pace I was in the summer. This won't last long though since college starts right after New Year. Even so, I'll try to do my best to keep the movie on tracks, so it can be released in schedule!

I have been giving work to Arthuria and Acid too, so we can all make the process go way faster and smoother! Actually I'm pretty satisfied on what we have achieved so far, and I just hope you all will feel the same by the time the final product is released!

Conversation is over for now I think, and with it some early Christmas presents this afternoon. Some screen shoots of the movie on my website ;)

My Website: Flash-essence.com

Check it out! Take care!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sonic RPG Episode 9 (Final) Trailer OUT!

2012-09-14 13:57:49 by MidNightMaren

That's right folks! It's not much, but the Teaser Trailer is on Newgrounds and running!
Watch, enjoy, and vote :)

Don't forget to Register to get the developments in our Forum from now on!


Join my forum! ;D (And some news)

2012-09-04 16:38:32 by MidNightMaren

People, join our community on my website: Flash-essence.com in our Forum.

From now on, I'll only post here major events. Development news of my projects, Screenshots of the movie and progress will always be posted on my website.
I opened a topic on Sonic RPG>>Sonic RPG - Final Chapter, with the last happenings and a Screenshot of the trailer making of :D

As of the Trailer, it's basically completed! It's missing just a few things, so expect it soon.

Take care!

We are back!

2012-08-30 15:48:15 by MidNightMaren

Years have passed, life got seriously complicated and my most important task, college, was far from being completed.
For all this years, my time was spent like a normal college student: studying, part-time jobs and a bottle of whiskey from time to time.
The lack of money was becoming common, and depression was taking over. With that, hobbys I once had, like Flash animation, were left aside.
Fans lost interest, grew up to adults (15 year old boys grew to be 19), contacts and friends on the web I made at the time were lost,and the motivation was gone forever... Or so I thought.

One faithful day this summer, my long lost partner in the development of Flash Animations, Acid_Shiver, came to me with excitement after noticing the still recent feedback on our Sonic RPG series, as well as the amount of views in each of the episodes ( reaching million average each),with the idea of concluding what was once forgotten for years: the Final Chapter of the series!
We had a long conversation, like the good old times, and we decided to give an ending to our series with an animated movie, something I started ages ago, but lost the motivation to work along the way.
We decided to work on something unique, something that would captivate the old fans and get the attention of new ones.
So, after weeks of tracing plans and schedules, we got down to business and started working with a pace and motivation we didn't even knew we had!

After spending the summer working on the project, we decided we will launch a Teaser Trailer within September and the full movie early next year!

Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/FlashEssence
Like our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Flash-Essence/1974 06540390236
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We are back!