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MidNightMaren's News

Posted by MidNightMaren - August 30th, 2012

Years have passed, life got seriously complicated and my most important task, college, was far from being completed.
For all this years, my time was spent like a normal college student: studying, part-time jobs and a bottle of whiskey from time to time.
The lack of money was becoming common, and depression was taking over. With that, hobbys I once had, like Flash animation, were left aside.
Fans lost interest, grew up to adults (15 year old boys grew to be 19), contacts and friends on the web I made at the time were lost,and the motivation was gone forever... Or so I thought.

One faithful day this summer, my long lost partner in the development of Flash Animations, Acid_Shiver, came to me with excitement after noticing the still recent feedback on our Sonic RPG series, as well as the amount of views in each of the episodes ( reaching million average each),with the idea of concluding what was once forgotten for years: the Final Chapter of the series!
We had a long conversation, like the good old times, and we decided to give an ending to our series with an animated movie, something I started ages ago, but lost the motivation to work along the way.
We decided to work on something unique, something that would captivate the old fans and get the attention of new ones.
So, after weeks of tracing plans and schedules, we got down to business and started working with a pace and motivation we didn't even knew we had!

After spending the summer working on the project, we decided we will launch a Teaser Trailer within September and the full movie early next year!

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We are back!


Posted by MidNightMaren - June 13th, 2010

Hello there everyone who still have faith for me even a little :P
Yes, I've been out for a looong time, but the fact is that I don't have much to say. College is consuming all my time, and the free time I expend it like a normal teenager. I really had to put a stop in the Flash animation for a while...

About my clip for Sonic Shorts, well I had most of the animation done, but then I lost contact with my precious Voice Actor/Friend and it cut off my motivation to end it since I wouldn't give any life to the characters I was drawing... Thinking about it, and since I was starting to work on my movie of Sonic RPG and drawing Seelkadoom came to mind I lost the voice for him as well...
With that and the time to finish gone I never came to finish the clip.

About the other movie... I've been working on Sonic RPG, drawing some shots a time, in a very low pace... But HEY, at least I'm working on it and I'll have it eventually done, for sure!
The draws are not really hitting my expectations, but after I get more experience I'll come back to the first shots I did and make it look better.
Anyway, as you can see Episode 8 left the story in a very difficult position for me, since a lot of story will still be told!! And a movie to that extent can take a LOT of time! But I'll make sure to update more often and including some pictures for your pleasure, and to catch your attention :)

To draw my boredom away from all the drawing progress I'll spend some time in the Ristar Episode 3, since I never gave up on this project! And I'm having a lot of fun working on it! :)
I still got lots of good ideas for it, ideas I couldn't use in Sonic RPG since the storyline was much more linear :S Its a shame I can't get people' attention for the Ristar series, just because it isn't a Sonic or Mario based Flash, since in every aspect it is superior to my Sonic RPG.
That apart I still glad there are some people giving my the strength to keep goin! :) Thanks guys!

The BAD part of all this: BEFORE working on all this I still have almost a full month of college work. Since the Exams season started I'll have to devote all my attention to it, and since I'm not the most brilliant student I can't slack now...

With this said I'm done here for now! Take Care!

Posted by MidNightMaren - October 11th, 2009

Hey there people! Since University started once again, and this year at full force (welcoming the young students of the University is never easy XD), and with 2 weeks of class I already have my ass full of work!!
Anyway, besides all the work I still have some parties and such to attend too, and some beers and vodka to drink, so life is not that bad :P
In the free times I'll try to work on flash and improve my drawing skills. So first I'll try to attend to this: Sonic Shorts Collab 6, and depending on the feedback givin, I might try to start Sonic RPG Episode 9. Ya, you heard me right, I'll work on the last episode of the series! Though it will be a movie, it will be drawn, just like "Nazo Unleashed" and I don't have a table yet, so the work will come in a very low pace! Once I improve my skills, it should be done quickly, so just be pacient. I want to make something good, so it will take a lot of time!

As I said before I'll try to make my first step into draws with my collaboration on Sonic Shorts of "thewax70". I just hope to be able to finnish it by the time limit which is November.
So, don't forget to watch it when its out, and luckly I'll make my appearence there :)

Concluding the post, I'll have to study, going out with girlfriend/friends, working on my Short, Sonic RPG Episode 9 (maybe), Ristar Episode 3, eat and sleep ^.^

So, this is all, Take Care everyone!

P.S. Sorry if I havenĀ“t respond to the comments and such, but I don't have internet in my current home. I'll respond when I have more time. Thanks

Posted by MidNightMaren - September 5th, 2009

Thats it fellows! Go see and vote! ^_^ Don't forget to review!


Hope everyone likes it! Take Care!

Ristar-Hero's Legacy Ep.2 SUBMITED!

Posted by MidNightMaren - August 26th, 2009

A new post indeed Shadic93 :D

Yeah, you heard me right, I have the Episode 2 almost finnished!
I'm just in need of some Voices. For voices I mean voice clips. Nowadays, for a good animation you have to give the charas a good personality, and that's what I'm trying to do!
For the ones that saw the "Battle preview" know what I'm talking about. I gave the charas some Battle Voice clips when they attack or are hit, but now I need more. for more characters.
If any of you can help, let me know! The voices can be of any game.

Now I'll let you know some things that I feel important to say about the episode.

- Due to the file size, it was impossible to make more battle than those already in the Game, which means that the random battles are out of the question. Besides the flash exceeding the 15Mbits, it also is near exceeding the 16k Frames, which is the frame limit to Flash! So its impossible to add any other battle or Scene to it. At any rate, the Flash is big as hell and the battles are enjoyable to play, so I think you'll like it anyway! BTW, there is still the shopping feature. So do the shopping with the money gain in battles ^_^

- The saving system has been changed! In the first episode, I received some reviews saying that touching the Saving Icon and saving right away wasn't a good idea. So now you have a save botton in the menu, and you save when you feel like it! :P
Also there's some problem loading the second Episode with the stats from Episode 1, and I feel its really impossible to do so, at least with my Action Script ability... So I just added defaut Stats for Episode 2 :( sorry, but I can't help it... Anyway, there will be people playing Episode 2 without playing Episode 1, so its better this way!

. Episode 2 will have a lot of talking! But, its needed talking. I wanted to give a boost in the story, so for the ones interested in it have a good time reading the story.
For the ones that only play my Game for the battles, just press ENTER to skip scenes :P or hold SpaceBar to skip talking very fast :D

Also, be very careful! DON'T SKIP THE TOTURIAL! The Ultimate Attacks are very important and useful, and there is a toturial in some point in the game explaining how to use it!
It's important that you guys know how to use it! The "timed hits" are also explained there!
Just try as many times as you want, till you get the hold of it!

I think with this I'm done with the talkin ^_^ I don't know when I'll get the 100% done, but it won't be too long. i'll try to release it within this month or early September, so keep cheking NewGrounds.

Take Care!

Posted by MidNightMaren - August 9th, 2009

Hello there people!
Now on holidays, I have some more free time than usual, so I've been spending some of it on Flash. As such, the second episode of Ristar is on the making... Its actually going pretty well, with the Game part giving me the most of the headachs. Now the RPG battles will have 2 party members, with multiple enemies fighting, so its something actually kindda new to me since I'm using new kinds of Action script!
In the meaning time I'll leave you with a preview. Some friend of mine said "if you are only showing the preview to the annoying people claming for flash, make them wait!"
And he is right indeed, but the fact is that I haven't been here too much latelly and I feel that people are leaving me :_( LOL! Well, not really... Just take it:

Ristar Episode 2 Preview - Battle Scene

I strongly recommend to put the movie in Medium/Low quality! The movie have lots of binamps, glow effects and such, that may crash the animation a bit in old computers. I leave your PC "strength" to your judgement :D

In the RPG part I'm trying to give the battle a little more of interactivity, instead of just using the mouse to choose attacks. So I'll be adding, link attacks, and Ultimates, to make desvasting combos and such! I'm actually up to ideas (put in mind I'm not an Action Script master, so don't come up with something impossible for me to make), so if you guys have any good one, feel free to leave it here.

Something I feel its important to say, is that I'm actually trying to give up on sprites... Sprites are more and more underated, and hated with the time.
Most people are expecting a Sonic RPG conclusion in a Sprite game, but I'm actually thinkin a little high, as to make a movie with draws! If I can get my hands on a draw table that is!
BUT, even so, a movie like that would be a life time project, so if I ever decide to make it, it will take at least 1-2 years to make something worth showing! At least is something worth waitin :)

Anyway just be glad with what I have for you, and then I'll think in my life. Well, time for a beer and a little bit of sun!
Take Care!


Posted by MidNightMaren - July 6th, 2009

Been a LONG time since I posted here, huh? :) Ohh well, my life has been a living hell latelly, but ohh well XD
Ok, for those claiming for Flash, calm down, ok? I will come up with something eventually. I have been working on it little by little when I have time.
But I also got my life, so those times working hardly and non-stoping just for your sake have stopped XD Nobody is paying me to do this you know?

Well, I'm quite out of news now, so I just stopped by to say "hi" and to say "I'm alive" :)
Take Care

Posted by MidNightMaren - February 28th, 2009

Hey there again people! How is it goin? Good? Cool then! :P

Exams have passed, real mess though, and the new semestre is already here! However for now I have some free time, and have been killing it with beer, friends and some online games XD Flash is coming along as well, but not in the speed I once did. So just be pacient and don't ask me for Flash, it will come on its time :)
Talkin about the games, I have been playing some online games latelly. Don't get me wrong, I don't have Wii or PS3 or even Xbox live or whatever is called! I don't have the conditions to pay for that sort of games, nor the pacience to play them! I'm more for the Old School games!
So, here is the list:

- Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst: Some of you may know this game for DreamCast, called PSO for friends :P I've been playin it on PC on a free server to call for the old days on the DreamCast era! For those who don't know this game, feel ashamed, cos it was the first RPG Online for consoles!
More info visit: schtserv.com

- WarCraft 3: DotA: Asking yourself, "Warcraft3? Why not World of Warcraft?", and my answer is BECAUSE I HAVE A LIFE! All people I know who started to play that game got their lives screwed, cos it consumed most of their time, LOL! I have no pacience for that!
DotA itself means Defence of the Ancients, and is a costume game of Warcraft3.
More info visit: garena.com

- Grand Chase: This is a 2D action game, with 3D graphs, even if I think it is a Action RPG game, because of the characters growin patern! You run on Dungeons, level uppin and defeatin boss's in the end, also having character equip, etc! Its a easy game, simple and super addicting! You should try!
More info visit: grandchase.ntreev.net

And for now its all! In each game I play in the servers with the most people. I don't like playin lackin people on the rooms...
If you are interested in any game feel free to ask anything, but don't ask me for connection or installation problems. For that visit the foruns, there are plenty of people there to help!
If you want to PvP, then come! But don't regret later when I crush you to the ground and say "GG" in the end! XD lool! My nickname is MidNightMaren, or only Maren! Try to find me arround!

Take Care Everyone!

Posted by MidNightMaren - December 8th, 2008

Hello there fellows. I know I've been out for a very long time, but I'm pretty much alive!
Flash isn't goin as you all would like, but I really have no time for that for now... University life is killing me lately. Have spend my time in class's and studying, and I barely have time to spend for myself.
So, my free time I just spend with friends, and other life stuff. So Flash work is stopped by now...
Christmas is coming there in 3 weeks, and I'll have more time to work in Flash in the mini holydays time.

An Anime based on the RPG game for PS2, Tales of the Abyss came out in October! LOL
I just loved that game, so I couldn't miss the Anime! It's pretty much well animated and I'm surprised of how it turn out!
Based on this I made a picture of the char Anise Tatlin, that can be seen RIGHT HERE!
Leave your comment. I just want to know how my drawing skills have been improving ;P

P.S. Even with my last post, and leaving it there for months, there are still people asking for Sonic RPG... Ohh well... Thats how I get real pissed. If some of you guys can't respect me and my opinion, how can I respect yours?!
I'm glad how some people aborded the topic, talking peacefully and showing there point of view about the "Sonic Topic" to me. I read all the comments to the post, all the PM's and Email's (BTW, fuck the spamming emails!!) and I'm glad for all the support to keep my work going, and telling me to finnish Sonic RPG in a NON-Annoying way! Thanks guys!
The fact is that I'm much more motivated to make the second episode of the Ristar series! I'm sure you'll like as well! :)

Take Care!

Posted by MidNightMaren - September 28th, 2008

First of all, for the ones unaware, here are links for my most recent animations:

Sonic RPG Episode 8

Ristar - Hero's Legacy Episode 1

Take a look to My DeviantArt Account!

And now back to business:
Many people have been claming for me to end the Sonic RPG series one and for all, but the fact is that you guys won't get anything from me, with those long and annoying asking!! And now you ask why! Why?? Ok, as you can see the "Sonic the Hedgehog" topic is getting frostating! And so are the sprites movies of him!
Now the fan of Blue Guy don't care about a good storyline or interactivity, but are ALWAYS comparings the movies to those of Alvin Earthworm! Ok, lets stop here to talk about this... I'm NOT compared to Alvin in ANY way! I started my sprites animation much sooner than him, besides I'm not making DBZ fighting movies with crazy explosions and BANG BANG, DEAD! That simply isn't me!
But don't get my wrong! I like his work and he is EXTREMELLY skilled in Flash movies. But everyone stop making comments like "you have reached Alvin' level" or "you and Alvin should work together", lets not mix things! I'm more of a gamer than a DBZ movie animator! Ok?! Thank you!
About Sonic, things are getting serious, and BAD and the reasons are obvious! I've been roaming in NG and came to discover that my fellows sprite animators have the same idea as myself! With no words I simply leave you with this Vixin-McCloud Post! You sure know her, don't ya? The old and legendary Sonic VS Super Sonic series? Ok, thats a WHY for us to stop giving Sonic attention!

But thats not my only reason. Latelly there are so many people using Sonic for stupid flash's, wasting that little space in the watcher's brain saying "Patience"
And thats in such a large scale that my last Sonic RPG didn't even made to the Sonic Collection! And why? Because the Sonic Collection is completelly OVERLOADED!
People, as I said before, Sonic is DIEING, and to think that SEGA; producing those crapy new games and stealing his original voice to give him a stupid 4Kids voice actor; is the only one killing him, YOU ARE WRONG! Sonic is being killed by HIS OWN FANS! Just ignore Sonic for a while, get a girl friend, drink some cold beer, come back in a few months or years and in time you'll see that our Blue Guy comes in its full glory!!

For now, let just be said, NO MORE SONIC MOVIES FROM ME! At the least not for a while! So stop PMing asking for Sonic RPG Eps 9!
I just wished this topic would be read by lots of people and spread! Well, whatever...

Some Questions ALWAYS MADE related to me!

Q.: When will next Sonic RPG\Ristar be out?

A.: Just go above and get your answer for Sonic! Most commun answer for other: DONT KNOW YET!!!

Q.: Where did you got those sound effects?

A.: Well, I think I'm pretty explicite in the credits! Each game that is shown in the credits of my movies, JUST GET THEM for PC and search for sound effects on the game's folders!
And talking about sound, the musics I use in movies ARE ALWAYS IN THE CREDITS! Don't PM me asking which music is this or that, please...

Q.: How do you make games like Sonic RPG and Ristar's Legacy?
A.: Well, lets see... Can't explain! Only someone who worked with Flash like for 2-3years know how to use ActionScript properly. Don't know what ActionScript is? Then don't even make this question!

Q.: What programs do you use?
A.: Macromedia Flash 8, and NO its not downloadable! I use Cool Edit Pro to edit music and such!

Q.: Can you teach me how to use Flash?
A.: NO! First, I learned how to use flash ALONE, then I was teached some ActionScript from Acid_Shiver, my long lost fellow... So, just learn by yourself first!

Thats most of it

Hope I cleared everyone's clouds about some topics. And now that I'm done... Take Care!