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MidNightMaren's News

Posted by MidNightMaren - September 27th, 2008

Its out people, go watch it!
Episode 1

Please, review and vote fairly!

Ristar Hero's Legacy Ep.1

Posted by MidNightMaren - September 17th, 2008

Yop fellows, thats right, the first episode of it is almost finnished!
For some of you, this won't be what you were expecting, but this was like a new experience to me! I learned everything by myself, and I was more concerned with ActionScript to give you a good game experience, rather than in the graphics. Fortunatly, this won't happen in next Episodes, as I already know everything that I need to make a good game, SO expect this to be like Sonic RPG series, getting better each episode!

By the way, I'll work on NG and DeviantArt as my page, to make any progress or announcement known, so the ones interested, check it time by time.
Take Care
Edit: 09/19

Ristar Episode 1 - 98%

To further promote my new series here is a screenshot of it on my Deviant

Posted by MidNightMaren - September 10th, 2008

Ok people, I have this account like, for more than 2 years and never used it before.
But I've been learning how to draw with a friend of mine, and I've made some pic's! So, in the case you want to see my other work visit my page and comment the pictures I'km going to post :P

My DeviantArt Account

About Flash, well It's going great and the first episode of the Ristar series is going to be out soon enough!

Posted by MidNightMaren - August 18th, 2008

Hey there fellows!
I know all of my "fans" have been waiting for the last chapter of Sonic RPG. To tell you the truth, I haven't done much of it in all this time... The last score of Sonic RPG didnt make my day, and I lost confidence on this series...

But, thats not all bad news! My new project with Ristar have been doing great!! I have done toons, and is going great! The people asking me for a "REAL" RPG, with random battles and such will love this new work of mine!
And... I HAVE ADD A SAVE SYSTEM TO IT! XD So, you can level up your character as much as you want, and save the stats in your PC.
This save system will work for lvl's, items you buy, money gathered on battles and the game %'age! This means you don't have to complete it the first time played (even thought the game isnt that big)

Just don't hate the fact that Sonic RPG isnt coming anytime soon, but expect a great work coming soon! A real RPG is coming for RPG lovers as myself!
P.S. I haven't decided the name for it yet, but my first try would be ""Ristar - A hero's legacy"", tell me what you think, I'll reply.

Take Care!

Posted by MidNightMaren - April 9th, 2008

Well, since my new episode of sonic RPG, that I thought it would be a success being by far, my best work ever made, and seeing that it got a crazy bad score, I thought to put my new projects into action.

Well, remember that guy? He is a character created be Sonic Team for Sega genesis in 1995.
He appeared in Sonic RPG series once and will be the hero in my next/possible series. The story will be BASED on the Sega Genesis game, Ristar.

The movie/game will be like Sonic RPG, and will feature some ideas that the Sonic RPG series couldnt use because of the storyline...
Stuff like: Random Battles, Items shopping, Level upping, and multiple party members fight!
However, it will be a simple game... Nothing like the last Sonic RPG, with 20 different attacks, combo Overlimits, etc!

I still don't have a name for it but I'm up to suggestions. For those who played Ristar before and know his storyline leave a comment with your idea.

Take care everyone

Projects in ming...

Posted by MidNightMaren - April 8th, 2008

Sonic RPG eps 8

Vote and Review everyone! Hope you all enjoy it!
Take care!

Posted by MidNightMaren - March 19th, 2008

Edit - 04/06/2008: Received the voices, added them to the flash, and now its the real 100% done! Making the last "thingies" on the sync of the sound and animation! The Flash should be out THIS week (day 7 or 8, 9 max I think)! Check NG everyday, so you wont miss the day of submition! ;) vote and review fairly!

--- \\ ---

OK people, Sonic RPG eps 8 is at 100% - 2...
Less 2 things. First, I still don't have the voices, and second, the flash is over the 10Megas limit permited in Newgrounds...
At least I solved the BIG problem of the Frame limit :D and I'm really proud of the final product! Belive me, if you like this episode as much as I, it really worth the damn LONG wait!
Well, just wait a little bit, be pacient and tell your friends. the episode will be out at any moment!

Take Care everyone!

Posted by MidNightMaren - January 11th, 2008

Ok guys, for those who said I wasnt doin more movies, you are wrong! First, the whole episode is almost finished and I'm now waiting the voices. So you just hang in there, because I'm almost done! Just be a little pacience. Here is a image for those who want to see :)
Cya soon!

Sonic RPG eps 8 (sorry the late)

Posted by MidNightMaren - July 23rd, 2007

Hi there ppl! Highschool exames were consuming me all the free time, and Flash was left behind for some time. But now its all over and Sonic RPG Episode 8 is on the making!

Take Care!